My name is Dave Hudson

I build software & lead teams

Experienced full-stack software engineer, tech lead and certified Scrum Master / Product Owner (Scrum Alliance).

I love architecting greenfield web applications and leading small delivery teams.

Recent posts

The Inaugral AI Engineer Summit

The inaugural AI Engineer Summit recently took place in San Fransciso. The entire conference was streamed on YouTube, and even watching from afar, it proved to be a fascinating event.



5 min read read

Thoughts on Remix

Every now and then a framework comes along that makes you change the way you visualise things. Remix is one of those things!



4 min read read

Remixing this blog

How I built this blog using a tech stack for simplicity, flexibility and scalability



7 min read read

This site is open source!

Find out how this site was made with 😊 using Remix, Prisma, Tailwind CSS, TurboRepo and Fly

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